The rise of my cash wash business in Nairobi and the secret to it successful progress

The rise of my cash wash business in Nairobi and the secret to it successful progress

Nairobi being an urban place and the centre of many government offices, it is always a busy city with a lot of vehicles. Peter decided to venture into car washing business in the outskirts of the city, a business he said was faced with lots of challenges. Many were the times he shut down his business as it was said it was illegal to run such a business in town keeping in mind it was the country’s face. After sometimes he was forced to locate to the outskirts of Nairobi where he settled for the business. Here he had some challenges still as no one wanted to trust him wash their vehicle keeping in mind car theft cases had been rampant in the city and so trusting someone to wash your vehicle was such risky.

“Nairobi was known to be a city where people needed to be careful. A lot of vehicles had been stolen at this time when I was opening my business and so most people preferred to get their vehicles washed at their homestead instead of bringing them to car washes. With this my business negatively affected,” he said. However that did not mean that it was his end of operating his business as he kept on trying to ensure his business success despite having some hard time. He had employed two handy men in his car wash who he would even struggle to pay them.

In a day he would always target to wash up to 100 vehicles but at most only 50 vehicles would turn out for the day. With all this hardships In operating the business, he came through a traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu through facebook. This man had been offering people spells that made them succeed in business. Through Dr Mugwenu people who had been struggling in their business had a green light in operating their business hence they succeeded according to the testimonials. He met Dr Mugwenu at his offices and business spells were casted to him. Dr Mugwenu assured him that he would not share his testimonial with new websites and feeds. As he told our source, his business since then developed as he was getting a lot of customers per day. He even increased the number of handy men in his car wash due to a lot of customers as a result of Dr Mugwenu business spells.



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