The public can now submit their views on school re-opening dates says CS Magoha’s team chairperson ; full details


The public  have now been included in the school reopening plan this is after Magoha’s team leader asks all Kenyans who wish to give their opinions on school reopening to do so. He says that they have given  until May 22 for everyone to submit their recommendations.

“The Committee now invites all stakeholders and the public to submit their views on the best possible national response in line with the committee’s terms of reference for the basic education sub-sector,” Ruto said in a statement.

The taskforce chairperson Dr Sara Ruto has also asked Kenyans to submit written memoranda to the Secretariat, which is based at Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) by e-mail to or through P.O. Box 30231-00100, Nairobi.

CS Magoha had to come up with the Crew to help in exploring technical ways to have our students back to learning.

The crew  will also have the work of  advising the Cabinet Secretary on ways of on-boarding students or pupils when the schools re-open as well as document all Covid-19 related matters, lessons learnt and recommendations for future preparedness.

They will also have the role of advising the Cabinet Secretary on the effects of Corona virus on the demand for education by poor households hence give mitigation measures, also put on place health and safety measures upon the pupils and teachers.

Magoha made a good decision to come up with the team because learning normalcy should be availed. So that the Candidates can go about their examinations in due time as there will be no postponement.

The team will also have to identify institutions that may have been adversely affected by Covid-19 and advise on mitigation and recovery measures.

This comes after Kenya National Union of Teachers and the Universities Academic staff, accused the CS education George Magoha of excluding them from the plan of reopening schools by not including them in team.

“The union despite being a principal player in the Basic Education sub-sector, Magoha has continued to maliciously exclude it from major decision-making processes that would define the future of education of this country,” said Sossion

“Anything without our involvement and participation cannot be for us. Nothing for us without us,” added the SG.

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