The following 1025 principals and Headteachers have been fired by TSC. Checkout the list below

The following 1025 principals and Headteachers have been fired by TSC. Checkout the list below




The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will fire 1,025 school heads in July.


The Commission hired 1,594 retired principals and headteachers on contract in 2020.



Dr. Nancy Macharia, Commission CEO, said school heads will be discharged to allow fresh recruiting.


TSC kept 569 school heads and extended their contracts till 2022, raising questions.

Macharia told Parliament it was hard for TSC to conduct interviews and manage the change of institution leaders during the pandemic due to strict Covid-19 prevention policies.



Macharia said TSC is not governed by the Public Service Commission Act and, as an independent commission, its employees’ terms and conditions of service are dictated by the Constitution, the TSC Act, the Employment Act, and the Teachers’ Code of Regulations (CORT).

Since the teachers have not been replaced, no funding is needed for their post-retirement remuneration. They will be paid pension up to the date of compulsory retirement and service gratuity for the contract period.




To replace the school principals whose contracts expire in July, new recruitment will be made.




TSC hired primary school principals, secondary school principals, and teacher training college principals on contract after 2020.

TSC advertised for school administrators for elementary and secondary schools, teacher training colleges, and field officers in September last year.




Principal, Deputy Principal II and III, Curriculum Support Officer I and II, Senior Lecturer I and II, Senior Master II, III and IV, Secondary Teacher I and II, Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher I and II, Senior Teacher I and II, Primary Teacher I.


Applicants had to upload the following papers;


a) Appointment letter to present grade

b) Appointment letter

b) Good conduct certificate from DCI

d) HELB clearance certificate (HELB)

e) EAC clearance

f) Credit Bureau Clearance (CRB)

g) KRA tax compliance certificatep

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