Teachers,parents and students required to check Knec registration details for both Kcse and Kcpe students; get the sms code to be used here

The KNEC Registration of  KCPE and KCSE 2020 candidates was required to be done between 2nd January and 15th February, this year.

Hence,by now Knec has fully  completed the process of capturing all the filled details of Kcse and Kcpe candidates for the year 2020 .
In a tweet by KNEC, written yesterday, they gave a code that will enable students, parents|guardians and teachers to confirm the students’ registration for the Knec exam. They can also check if the details captured are correct to avoid chaos during this year’s examinations period.
This is actually a good move as it is going to reduce Cases of learners being turned away in the last minute for failing to be registered for the exams have been reported in the past years.
 The KCSE students can also be able to confirm the number and the subjects that they are going to sit for. Hence accuracy during the examinations.
Below is a guide on how to check the registration for your student .
Get also the SMS code and the SMS charges to be incurred for sending the message.

Guide for checking the registration status :

To check for the registration, if the index number for the KCPE candidate is 01234569, the message to be sent to 20076 is, 0123456789kcpe. Or 0123456789kcse if the student is in secondary school.

Immediately you manage to send the message, expect a message from KNEC  showing the index number, name of candidate, year of birth and all registered subjects and the subject codes. This means the student is registered.

The charges of this message is sh 25 only.


  • There should be no space between the numbers For example:012356789
  • The  SMS should only be sent to 20076.
  • The message can be sent using any line and the charges are the same.
  • Each SMS costs Sh25
  • The Index Number should have 12 Digits only.
  • If your details are not correctly outlined,  inform your Principal/ Head of Institution immediate assistance.

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