Schools to Reopen as per the Calendar, Lockdown lifted

President Uhuru Kenyatta, on Saturday, May 1, ordered the reopening of bars and restaurants across the country.

Speaking at State House, Nairobi, the President restricted bars to operate up to 7 pm, three hours before curfew Commences at 10Pm.

Hotels, restaurants and eateries will operate till curfew but were directed to maximise open-air spaces and encourage customers to maintain social distance, wear masks and sanitise.

The President also directed schools to reopen on Monday, May 10 as guided by the Ministry of Education.

Churches were directed to hold in-person and congregational worship but with only a third capacity. The ban on political gatherings was, nonetheless, extended until otherwise directed.

He also ordered the resumption of sporting activities guided by the regulations to be issued by the Ministry of Health jointly with the Ministry of Sports; He, however, warned that it is imperative for Kenyans to understand that protecting school children is a priority for all and Kenya

“During this school reopening period, let us be honourable and patriotic citizens of our land. Nobody enjoys the situations we are in. We are not happy putting Kenyans through a hard time.

“But if we are not able to contain the disease because of our selfishness, then we shall revert and protect life. We shall be forced to protect life and the economy. If we work together as Kenyans we will be able to continue life as normally as possible,” Uhuru said.

The President further lifted the cessation of movement in the Counties of Nairobi, Machakos, Kajiado, Kiambu and Nakuru.

“Data from our medical experts suggests the same trend in the zoned area we put on lockdown during my March 26. After one month of lockdown, Covid-19 caseload within the zoned area has come down by 72 percent. In other areas of the Republic, the Covid caseload fell by 89 percent in Mombasa and 90 percent in Busia between March and April 2021,” he explained his decisions.

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