Popular Gospel Artist Beaten Like a Thief After Stealing Someone’s Song

Popular Gospel Artist Beaten Like a Thief After Stealing Someone’s Song

As an upcoming musician, the best thing that can ever happen to you is when you get recognition from one of the leading artists in the industry.

In April last year, I was called by a popular TV DJ, telling me he liked my new song and would love to play it on his show. However, the condition was that I would do a collabo with one of his friends, a leading musician in the gospel industry.

I was over the moon when I heard the good news. The next day, the DJ called me to link me up with the musician. I went to town where we met the musician and hit the studio for the collabo.

After finishing the project, I never heard from neither the musician nor the DJ again. I wondered what had happened but I am patient man, so I waited.

I got the shock of my life, when I heard my song playing on TV a few weeks later. I couldn’t believe that the musician we had done a collabo with had stolen my song and it was playing on the DJ’s show. I was very mad.

I called the DJ but he insulted me, telling me I can go report him wherever I wanted to. That really hurt.

The musician was celebrating the song hitting 500,000 views on Youtube in the first day. That song was supposed to be my breakthrough.

I decided to seek the services of Dooctor Mugwenu, a famous herbalist. I called the doctor and explained to him how I had been shortchanged. I told him I only wanted to meet the musician so we can discuss why he did me bad.

A few days later, I was in one of the studios in the Ghetto when I met the musician. He was trying to convince a friend of mine that the can do a collabo together. I was so mad that I told my friend he would be shortchanged. Everyone in the studio asked me what had happened. I told them how I lost my song.

They were all so mad that they decided to give the musician the beating of his life. He will never repeat that mistake again.

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