Nutritious Traditional Foods in Nigeria

Nutritious Traditional Foods in Nigeria

When you mention ‘Nigerian cuisine’ to someone, the first thing that comes to their mind is jollof rice. This already speaks volumes of how much traditional Nigerian food has reached to tastebuds across the planet. Today, we are not only looking at jollof rice but also at 9 other traditional Nigerian foods that seat with it at the top;

1.Fried plantain.

As the name suggests, this meal is made up of plantains, peeled, sliced then fried mostly using palm oil. Serve with beans on the side.


Oxtail soup is basically the tail of a cow skinned, sliced then cooked.


This is basically a pounding of rice, cassava or plantain. This can then be served with a stew such as chicken on the side.

4.Coconut fried rice;

Here, rice is fried using coconut milk, vegetable, and seafood. This meal can be eaten on its own without serving some stew on the side.

5. Okra soup;

The okra flowering plant is cooked with sea animals such as lobsters, prawns, and crabs.

6.Banga soup;

It is also known as Ofe Akwu. This is a type of soup commonly prepared by people close to the sea. It is made up of palm but with some hint of sea animals.

7. Eba;

This is a dried grated cassava floor that is cooked in hot water. Serve with stew such as meat, chicken or egusi soup on the side.

8. Ayamese sauce;

This is the hottest sauce in Nigeria. It is also known as Ofada stew. It is prepared using locust beans, crayfish and lots of pepper.

9.Egusi soup;

The seeds from melon are used in its preparation. Palm oil is used. Serve with pounded yam, fufu or eba.

10. Jollof rice;

This is the mother of Nigerian food. This meal comprises of rice cooked with meat, fish, and spices such as chili, all in one pot. It is so delicious.

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