My girlfriend cheated on me with her ‘cousin’

My girlfriend cheated on me with her ‘cousin’

Kevin painfully narrated how his girlfriend cheated on her with a guy he had always thought was his cousin.

She met Mellisa when she came for internship in their company. She was a beautiful girl and he fell in love immediately he set his eyes on her. One year into the relationship she had moved in to live with him.

They even introduced each other to the families. There was this one cousin to Mellisa whom they were exceedingly close and fond of each other .Each time Kevin asked about him Mellisa told her to stop being insecure they were just family.

Mellisa had severally accused Kevin on being poor in bed. She claimed that he never satisfied her. This made Kevin stressed since all her other exes had left for the same reason.

One day Kevin decided to leave work earlier and go home after feeling unwell at work. He had left Mellisa at home and never bothered to call her to tell she was on the way. Opening the door to his house he almost fainted with what his saw. It was Mellisa and his fake cousin making out on the couch.

She threw Mellisa out of his house and broke up. He was sure the cause of all this was his weakness. A close friend of him advised him to visit a traditional Dr Mugwenu who was able to restore manhood. After taking the medicine he became a champion in bed

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