Blow as TSC issues new tough requirements for the 20,000 intern jobs

New TSC requirements


New TSC requirements. Twenty thousand internship slots for teachers in primary and junior secondary schools (JSS) were announced by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on Monday.

In addition to the remaining 18,000 slots for junior secondary, the commission allotted 2,000 slots for primary school.

TSC turned on the internet portal for applications and sent interested teachers a link. But after applying, a number of fresh problems emerged, raising questions.



For the first time, teachers must indicate their ethnicity on the internship application.

The commission’s quest to learn about the teachers’ racial backgrounds has baffled several teachers.

New TSC requirements

However, the interim report provided by the TSC to Parliament in May may be relevant in this circumstance.

According to the poll, the majority of the 36,000 TSC instructors hired in January were from the Kalenjin community.

Twenty thousand nine hundred of the thirty thousand teachers employed in January were teachers, according to data released by TSC CEO Nancy Macharia.

According to Macharia, there were 20,990 newly hired teachers from different ethnic groups working at the time this report was written.

Certificate of Good Conduct

Now, qualified teachers hired as interns must have a certificate of good behavior.

All instructors must have a certificate of good conduct, according to Prof. Fatuma Chege, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Implementation of Curriculum Reforms, who first brought up the subject in 2021.

Without a Certificate of Good Conduct, no instructor may teach the new curriculum (CBC).

This, according to Prof. Chege, is only one of many adjustments that the competency-based curriculum will undertake to support academic integrity.

She claimed that the modifications would aid in the removal of instructors who lacked appropriate behavior and work ethics.

There is no room for editing.

Teachers looking for internships have discovered that it is difficult to;

change data in the current application after submitting.

In the past, professors would check submitted data for accuracy.


Candidates must exercise caution, though, because it is not a possibility in the current hiring procedure.

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