Man gave police some easy job after he returned ksh 300000 he Had stolen

Man gave police some easy job after he returned ksh 300000 he stole

A Kenyan man 25 year old had been having a  with a 50 year old woman a  they had been hanging for a long time

. The woman who was a business person in the outskirts of Mombasa had her ksh 300000 stolen from her house and the only suspect she had was her   who had been missing for a while now. She knew the guy had taken her money and did not even bother report the case to the police but rather sought some help from a spell caster and a known traditional doctor.
According to her Dr Mugwenu casted return back lost money spell which he assured her she was to get her money back with time. Three days did not end and the guy reported himself to the police station claiming to have stolen her lovers money. He even went ahead to call her and informed her that he was at the police station with her money. The guy claimed to have stolen the money from his  since she was such a stingy  and that was the only way he would enjoy her wealth.
The police did their investigation and found that the guy had been engaging in such tricks where he had been tricking old women for a relationship and at last he would steal money and other valuables from them. The man who seemed worried covered his face with a cap so as people would not identify him properly for he knew he was really hustling the wrong way and people from his family might have heard the news. He said that he was not able to by anything with the money as it was even a burden remove the money from the brief case hence making it impossible to use it.
He pleaded guilty but he was forced to face the wrath of law where he was taken to court and released with a fine. The woman and the owner of the money said she had been in  with the guy as she had been even paying his school fees only to be shocked the guy had stolen some money from her which was something she came to wonder about. She said she had forgiven him but that was a lesson to learn from especially people who had such behaviors.
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