Man Finally Compensated Millions After Being Fired During The Pandemic

My boss fired me during the COVID-19 pandemic. He didn’t even pay my final dues.

I now understand why people say employment is overrated but why would you do that to someone who has worked for you for more than eight years?

More worse is the fact that being a pharmaceutical company, our job thrived during the pandemic.

So firing me during the pandemic was a no brainer. He wasn’t making losses, he was making money. I agreed with him but wanted my money. At least my work in helping him built the company deserved some compensation.

But he told the watchman not to allow me at the company’s offices in Industrial Area. I didn’t understand why.

So I was jobless and broke in the midst of the pandemic. I tried to sue for compensation but the courts were not even working and I didn’t even know my way around a court.

One day while looking for a job in Industrial Area, I overhead a man talking about a certain Dr. Mugwenu, a man who had helped one of his friends with a court case.

I immediately moved closer and overheard that Mugwenu has a website where he can be reached. When I got home that evening I asked one of my sons to search for Dr. Mugwenu on his phone. I got Mugwenu’s phone number and called him for help.

The good doctor listened to me and promised to help. He told me to look for any lawyer and seek for help filing the case.

We got a young lawyer who went to court on my behalf. I sued my former employer for wrongful termination and refusal to pay.

Miraculously, the court awarded me Ksh 2. 4 Million, money I had never thought of having in my entire life.

I am taking this opportunity to ask anyone with a similar problem to contact Mugwenu Doctors.

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