Lugulu girls high school history,details,location,KCSE results and school fees structure

About School:

This is a national girls’ boarding secondary school. It is situated in Webuye, Bungoma county.

The school started functioning in the year 1913 when the Quaker Missionaries set foot in Lugulu. At that time, the main need was to teach people how to read cloth chars. Shortly after, the school became a mixed primary school under Friends sponsorship as well as management. It was until1953 that the school became a purely girls’ school after phasing out all the boys.

It became a girls boarding school in 1955 and by 1963, the school became a girls secondary school after all the girls at the primary school level had been phased out to the current Lugulu Boarding Primary School. It remained a provincial school till 2011 when it was elevated to national school level. The current principal is Mrs. Cheruiyot D.

Notable alumni from the school include Lady Justice Ruth Sitati and Roselyn Nambuye,Chief Justice Nancy Baraza and Dr. Reginalda Wanyonyi who is the former Deputy Chief Justice.

School motto; Excellence is our pride.

School mission; To be the centre of excellence.

School vision; To offer quality education to an all- round citizen.

Lugulu Girls High School location;
The school is located in Kituni sub location, Misikhu location, Webuye division in Webuye constituency, Bungoma county. The school sits on a 12 acre piece of land. Neighbouring schools include Lugulu Girls Primary School, Lugulu Day Primary School, Nam Education Centre, Toba Vunja primary school and Sipala secondary school.

Lugulu Girls High School KCSE performance;
The school produces outsanding performance year in year out. It produced the best girl in KCSE in 1996 and 3rd best KCSE candidate in 2016. In 2004, the school ranked 10th nationally in KCSE. The school had a mean score of 7.5 in 2018’s KCSE.

Lugulu Girls High School Form one selection;
Here, form one selection is usually done via academic merit in regards to KCPE examinations. The students who have high results and selected the school as the first choice are given higher priority than others.

Lugulu Girls High School Contacts;
School’s KNEC code; 36600002

School’s postal address; P.O. Box Private

Bag Webuye 50205, Lugulu.



Lugulu Girls High School Alumnus

Dr. Reginalda Wanyonyi, the former Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza schooled here, as well as Lady Justice Ruth Sitati and Roselyn Nambuye. Worth mentioning too is the beauty queen and 2010 finalist of the M-Net Face of Africa competition Diana Nekoye and NTV journalist Mercy Juma.

Other notable alumni are Violet Barasa, Lydia Maiyo, Everlyn Makuto, Florence Bosire, Diana Khisa, and Praxides Agal, all of whom were inspired by the motto: ‘EXCELLENCE IS OUR PRIDE.’

The Lugulu Volleyball team has been presenting the very good players over the years, to various institutions in the past four years the following players have been placed in the following institutions;

  1. Joan Chepkoren Ngeywo (2015) – Kenya Prisons
  2. Sharlene Maywa (2016) – Directorate of Criminal Investigation (D.C.I)
  3. Veronica Makokha (2016) – Directorate of Criminal Investigation D.C.I
  4. Stella Kawos (2017) – Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
  5. Naomi Mosobo (2017) – Directorate of Criminal Investigation D.C.I

Lugulu Girls High School KCSE Results

Individual candidates can check their KCSE results by SMS or online using an SMS number or website link provided at the release of the exam. Candidates and parents should visit the school for their official results slip. Results for all candidates and the school national, county and local ranking can also be found from the schools’ office.

The ministry of education advises parents teachers and pupils to check the KCSE result slip for any anomaly such as incorrect candidate’s name, school name and code as well as wrong subject grade and report to KNEC within a month after the announcement.

Lugulu Girls High .School Fees, Account Number and Uniform

For details on school fees structureaccount number and uniform, please contact the principal or the schools office using the contacts below.

 Telephone number and knec school code;

School Code No: 36600002 (KNEC Code)
County: Bungoma County
Physical Address: Webuye in or near Webuye Town, Webuye East Constituency, Bungoma County, Kenya
School Description:  National School

Telephone Number: 0797 325 180, 020 2634328

Street: Webuye- Kitale Road

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