Lady says how her baby was stolen from her after she was sniffed jet fuel

Lady says how her baby was stolen from her after she was sniffed jet fuel
Rebeca had a baby boy that night they had been travelling in a public vehicle on their way to western Kenya. She never recalled what happened at that time as she only found herself in hospital ICU bed. When she asked the doctors where her son was none of them replied as they would say she was brought I the hospital alone. After some three days in a comer bed/the doctors told her that she had been sniffed jet fuel which made her fell into deep sleep where his son was taken by unknown people.
She broke into tears but at that time she was even helpless. This happened after there were rumors of children black market on the country had been on the rise. She was a so much worried mother and how would people take her 10 year old son. They had been travelling to upcountry as her son had been really wanting to meet his grandparents. Months after she came out of the coma bed, still her son was missing and if her son had really been kidnapped, no form of communication came from the guys holding him hostage. She reported the case to the police but nothing close to help.
At some point she would walk in the streets holding photos of his kidnapped son seeking help to anyone who knew his whereabouts but truly there was no sign of relief at this time. She was a worried mother. As she said, most of the times she would spend just roaming by the city in deep thought. She could not eat well as she never knew where her son was at that particular time. She shared the story to her close friends and none really provided with a solution on the better way of locating his son.
On the other husband was so much amused on how she organized a journey to upcountry without informing him and now their son had been missing after rogue people took him. After sometimes someone came to her with the message that a certain native doctor would solve her woes. His name was Dr Mugwenu a traditional doctor. Without hesitation, she toured Dr Mugwenu together with her husband with high hope this herbalist would make them get their lost and only child. spells were done to them and after two weeks they had a phone call from one of the police guy who had been linked to taking the child had surrendered and together with the child into the police station. He had been planning on how to sell the child but Dr Mugweu spells made him surrender. Rebeca and her husband had some jovial moments with her son together.
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