Kenyan employee shares his emotional story of how he got dismissed from one job to the other

Kenyan employee shares his emotional story of how he got dismissed from one job to the other
Zack(not his real name) recalled working for almost ten companies before settling in the company he works till today. He really did not find anything wrong that had been leading to his dismissal most of the times. He said he had the luck of getting jobs most of the times but now the only thing that pestered him was that he needed that permanent working time. He never lasted at one company for more than one year as he kept receiving sacking letters.
At some point he concluded that maybe he did not have that luck as far as jobs were concerned. He was a much experience person as from all the companies he worked for, he was recommended as the top performing employee only to be sacked after new bosses came in the various offices he worked in. In some jobs he was eve being dismissed without service money something that was difficult to survive keeping in mind he had a family who depended on hi for a living. He had no business set aside that he would say it would help him cover up.
He seeked help from various career advisors who most of the times advised him what to do and soon as he got to another job, he faced the wrath of losing his job soon as the new management came. He really had a bad luck which needed someone to cast it out as things were going astray in his life as far as job seeking was concerned. This went for a long time something that wasted much of his career time as he was even not able to save any money as he would shift from one job to the other.
He was that piece of mind and he needed a break through to change how things were going. He happened to come through how a certain traditional doctor was helping people through his job spells that ensured their jobs were secure and safe. He knew all this information through the website where he even had Dr Mugwenu contacts. Day three after knowing Dr Mugwenu he contacted him and met him in his offices for some help. Dr Mugwenu offered him some job security spells that were to ensure his job was safe. Since meeting Dr Mugwenu things changed as he had never once again been a victim of job dismissal. As he said, he was now able to save as he was now enjoying working with no interruption.
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