How a mysterious disease attacked a family in Endarasha Nyeri.

How a mysterious disease attacked a family in Endarasha Nyeri.

The family of Mr. Kiboi a retired chief has been the talk of the town for the past three years. This was after the family suffered a mysterious acne disease among all the family members the latest victim being their one-year-old son.

Kiboi had been the area chief for so many years. it happened one time he was had a case of a land dispute among family members. It was rumored that the eldest son paid him to favor him in the ruling and he won the land.

This made the other son bitter and he consulted the help of a local mganga who caused the family to start experiencing the strange illness. It started with Kiboi who had the painful acne all over the body. The whole body was red and itchy. He tried to go to different hospitals but he never got healed.

In a few months the disease spread to his wife and children. They tried all hospitals but no medicine worked for the. They even travelled all the way to Kajiado to a masai herbal doctor but still his medications backfired.

They spent so much money on medication and they were getting broke each day. The neighbors started avoiding them like plaque and no one wanted to come close to them for the fear of being infected.

They went through this predicament until one day an old friend came to their rescue. He told them of a renown traditional herbalist DR MUGWENU who would solve the black magic. They consulted him and they could not believe that they were finally healed.

They were so overjoyed and the pain they had been through for months was over

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