How a kin had to die after a family was scrambling for succession

How a kin had to die after a family was scrambling for succession
A family in Nairobi had been really scrambling on who to own their dead father billions of investments just after he was pronounced dead. According to the wife she only knew she was the legit married wife to the dead billionaire only to be shocked other three women came with their children claiming there were too legal wives of the dead guy. This really brought up some wrangles and misunderstanding on how to inherit what since also the children really wanted to have a share too. Some even went to the point of filling court cases to sue the others for wrongly wanting a share.
The first wife had three sons who all wanted some share. She considered herself as the first priority since she was the first wife of the dead man. The second wife plus her children never wanted to hear this neither the third wife as they all lamented they legally had to have something to share about their dead dad. This really elicited some heated hatred leading to one of the kins death after he was shot on his way back home and all the families started accusing one another for the death.
The wrangle went for a long time even where the court had to abandon the case for them to solve their disputes something that would not happen due to hatred they had. They would even not meet and sit on the same table to discuss the issue as they hated each other, At some point other families began to accuse the others that they had been using some witchcraft means to overthrow them from owning their late father property which were just allegations with no proof. Many were the times they had even tried to engage members of the clergy to resolve their wrangles but nothing really worked out.
After sometimes they started sending each other some dead threats which led others to the wrath of law yet they had not solved their property dispute. Through Dr Mugwenu property sharing spells they were able to resolve their dispute where this was after one of their family members tried to use spells from this man to see if things would cool down. This was after a friend told him about this man Dr Mugwenu who had helped a lot of people with similar cases where they had no option left but tried to use this man spells. They could now sit down together as a family where they equally shared the multi-billion property to every keen of the dead man.
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