ECDE Teachers Land Lucrative Jobs

Kiambu County Governor Dr. James Nyoro issued over 1200 employment letters to Early Childhood Development and education teachers (ECDE).

This comes after the County Government of Kiambu upgraded the terms and conditions for employment of ECDE teachers to permanent and pensionable inclusive of medical cover.

The governor urged the teachers to register their ECDE Corporative Sacco after which he would disburse Ksh 1 million in support of the venture.

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Nyoro also emphasized that the teachers played an important role in instilling strong foundations in children, further promising to provide conducive working environments, as plans to improve infrastructure were underway.

“This foundation ended up being vital to the children as they progressed to the upper classes and it is important that the teachers were recognized by the government,” he stated.

The governor said that he would be the driving force behind the allocation of additional funds in the 2021/2022 financial year budget that would see the renovation of all the ECDE’s units in Kiambu County.

The government accommodated children aged 4-5 years to pre-primary school as part of a broader Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) strategy.

Government ECDE learning centers also provide specific health and nutrition benefits to children such as vaccinations, deworming, and vitamin supplementation.

ECDE teachers are, however, in the process of pushing for employment by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) which they hope will secure their jobs and provide better pay.

The teachers further criticized the Building Bridges Initiative Bill for failing to incorporate their request to be added to the TSC payroll.

The Kenyan Constitution mandates the TSC to register, train and recruit teachers, and assign them to public institutions.

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