CS Magoha Issues a Warning to Fake Exam Distributors

Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) George Magoha on Saturday, March 6, cautioned parents, teachers, and students not to fall victim to cartels planning to distribute fake national examination papers.

“This ministry will not take cheating lightly, and this is why we are sending a warning to all those planning to confuse our children or parents that the full force of the law will be used against those found culpable,” said Magoha.

According to Magoha, the Education Ministry and the Kenya National Examinations Council had information that there are criminal gangs intending to sneak in fake examinations through porous border points at Isebania, Busia, Migori, and Kisii.

Magoha pointed out that the government will be on the necks of any individuals caught trying to compromise the integrity of the national examinations.

The CS stated that adequate preparations had been made for the examinations set to begin in two weeks’ time.

“Schools have made tremendous preparations for the examinations. Even Covid-19 is not a challenge anymore. Through the help of county governments who have been instrumental in issuing masks to learners, everything has fallen in place except for the merchants planning to confuse our children.

He also mentioned that in setting the tests, the government puts into consideration the long Covid-19 holidays that affected learning for the candidates.

“Do not think that the government has not put the long holidays the learners had into consideration. This is not to say that the tests will be easy,” Magoha said.

Candidates were encouraged to avoid anxiety during the examination period.

Over 1.9 million candidates in both primary and secondary schools are expected to sit the national examination.

Magoha on March 5, warned headteachers against putting Grade Four pupils under pressure in the upcoming examinations. The examinations are set to begin on March 8 and will run until March 18.

“Parents must stop putting pressure on the learners. No one should be putting pressure on children about the assessment because they are not examinations,” Magoha said.


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