Blow to Unemployed teachers as TSC reaffirms an increase in the retirement age for teachers from 60 to 65 years following double transition of students to secondary schools

The teacher service commission is mandated by the Constitution as an independent body to manage human personnel or resource in the Education sector in Kenya.




They set policies and guidelines that govern the Education sector. They employ teachers based on merit and have the mandate to remove or deregister teachers on various grounds.

Teacher service commissions work hand in hand with other bodies in the Education sector. Among them is teachers unions.We have two major unions for teachers in Kenya. These are Kenya Union for Post Primary Education Teachers and Kenya National Union for Teachers.

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KNUT has proposed to increase the retirement age for its officials from sixty years to sixty-five a move that has been opposed by other officials.The proposal to raise the retirement age is meant to benefit some top officials in the Union who are expected to retire beginning from next year according to one of the officials in the Union who is against the proposal.


If the proposal to increase the retirement age for teachers holding positions in the Union to sixty-five from sixty pushes through top officials like Oyuu, Karinga Patrick, Mutai Stanely and Muthoni Mercy who were expected to retire within the next two years will benefit.

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Other officials are against the proposal as this will hinder them from growing to higher positions in the Union leadership.


If this proposal is effected, a total of 103 000 teachers who were expected to retire next year and who were born in 1963 are likely to be retained.This is heartbreaking to majority of unemployed teachers who are wallowing outside without jobs

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