An emotional story of a Kenyan family after their child got full scholarship of her entire education

An emotional story of a Kenyan family after their child got full scholarship of her entire education
Njeri and her husband depended on subsistence farming for a living. They had no other side hustles that gave them money. However they had their only daughter was really clever and wanted to study as most of the times she said she wanted to uplift their parents from poverty that had been bringing shame to their family. She studied so had despite some other times that she would go to school on an empty stomach. Just after she did her primary level education, she passed so well and emerged as one of the best pupils in their area.
Their child’s efforts of reaching top levels in terms of education however were being halted by the fact that both their parents had nothing to ensure her secondary education was successful. “My daughter each day cried on how she was to be a class eight dropout as we really had no money to facilitate her secondary education. She even regretted to have been born in such a vulnerable family as her life now was on the verge of taking a bad direction if she was not to join a secondary school,” Her mother painfully lamented.
Each day they seeked various people for some assistance as they really wanted the best from their daughter. People were not willing to assist as they said as the feelings of jealous overrun them. Close family relatives and who had top jobs never gave in their hands to ensure their kin was able to have a slot to the respective secondary school she was called. They both leaved the issue to her parents who were such poor to raise the money required for their child to have a slot and the secondary school level. At times they would sleep with no food. The issue of raising money to educate their child was such a hectic situation to them.
After a long spell of looking for a solution and their daughter almost losing a slot to join secondary education, they came to know about a certain traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu. They knew this through a friend who had once been assisted with a similar problem. Dr Mugwenu offered them some spells that would ensure their child got some scholarship to pursue her education. A week after meeting Dr Mugwenu, their daughter was in a somber mood when they received a letter from a person they never knew who offered to sponsor her throughout her education up to the university something that really brought joy to the family. They thanked Dr Mugwenu for having solved their woe of raising money for their child’s education.
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