Aisha Jumwa Aidee Otieno’s long history with guns.

Malindi member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa and her aidee Geoffrey Okuto Otieno are arraigned in Mombasa law court on October 17th 2019 over a commotion that happened in Ganda,Kilifi county that left one person dead.

Mister Otieno’s gun was confiscated by police.

The guy is not new to incidents involving guns.Over years,he was thought to be a police bodyguard but later identified as a civilian.He has found himself trouble with the law over incidents involving what the police call misuse of fire arms.

The later Incident that happened on Tuesday while in company of Jumwa he is said to have stormed into the home of an ODM aspirant for Band seal in Malindi, Reuben katana who was according to the police bulletin meeting his agents to finalize plans for the by election on Thursday.

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