A woman who was injured in an election chaos did this to get justice

A woman who was injured in an election chaos did this to get justice
Veronicah was just doing her daily hawking of banana’s in Nairobi when the law enforcers who seemed engaging in a battle with goons who had came out of a political rally pounce on her. They thought she was in the group that had been bringing chaos in that political rally. She was really beaten and tear gassed something she says she lost her sight for two one full week. This was not the only thing as she had injuries on her back and the head skull. Her life sand that of her children changed since she was the provider of her three children. As she was laid to hospital, her three children had no one to feed them something that led to her neighbors taking charge.
Mending her broken back was so expensive as she would not afford due to the nature of work she was doing for a living. She tried to reach people from the police scrutiny team the IPOA for some assistance but at that particular time nothing was really happening as no one was ready to receive her call. Each time she would visit their offices doors were closed something that made it difficult to ensure she got justice. She was not able to continue with her hawking job as her damaged back would not allow.
After sometimes she happened to know a about a traditional doctor who offered people spells that really made them get justice. This was after her close friend told her about this man Dr Mugwenu and how people depended on him for justice and cases similar to hers. She met Dr Mugwenu who pleaded not to reveal her information to news websites and news feeds. She was offered justice spells that would see her get justice from the brutality she underwent. A week never ended as she was called by a later picked by a vehicle near her home.
She was paid ksh 4 million to ensure her life was not stuck and her children had a better life. She says she used some of the money for cure and the rest she started small clothe selling business which developed within no time. She really thanked Dr Mugwenu for helping her get justice as she had lost hope in everything.
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