A Tanzania woman recalls how she was conned ksh500, 000 just after she took a taxi from Jomo Kenyatta international airport

A Tanzania woman recalls how she was conned ksh500, 000 just after she took a taxi from Jomo Kenyatta international airport
June was a business woman who had been doing some products promotion business in Kenya and Tanzania. Most of the times she would travel to Kenya to sell her products for it was where her products had some good demand. She had no specific taxi man she used on reaching the Kenyan airport as she would just board any taxi to the Nairobi City centre. She recalls when she got into a taxi just after she landed at the airport. She had been carrying some 500k shillings money she said she was to spend in her ten days visit to Kenya.
It was not her day as she was dragged and only to find she had nothing after three hour of losing her conscious. She said she found herself in Kibera slums where she felt tired and all her belongings had gone a clear indication she had been robbed by the taxi guy.”I was waken up in a slum and really I did not know where I was. All my items had gone and really I was helpless until I asked the kids who were playing by where I was and they told me I was in Kibera slums,”she said. She felt frustrated as she never had other cash to spend her ten day into Kenya. She woke up and walked to the nearby police station where she took some refuge.
She had nothing even to communicate with her friends and people close to her as her phone also had been taken. She borrowed one of the police their phone number and called her husband on what had happened and first he did not believe if she had been really speaking some truth. It was really a painful story to ever happen to someone in a country she never knew well as she said. Three days passed and there was no sign of her getting her lost items back including the money. She started arranging on how she would be back home in Tanzania only to meet Vera her loyal customer.
She told her what had really happened and the reason why she was not ready to do their usual business. Vera seemed concerned and she told her not to worry as she knew a traditional doctor who would sort out her worries. She gave her Dr Mugwenu contacts who she met after one day. Dr Mugwenu had his return lost items spells to her and she crossed her figures that would have some positive impact to her. A day never came to an end as she got her money back after the taxi driver called her back. He had tried to use the money and even open her items but came to an impossibility. She was glad and thanked Dr Mugwenu while on the same hand the taxi man was held by the police for whilefurther interrogation.
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