2021 KCSE Results To Be Released, Check Out


Examiners for the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) have completed the grading process.

The examiners stated that they did their best to ensure that the marking process was fair.

Grading and public announcement of the findings will now take place.


Prof George Magoha, the Education Cabinet Secretary, has already stated that this year’s KCSE marking will follow tight and meticulous rules to ensure exam integrity.

The majority of examiners stated that they followed this since the strictness prevented them from leaving the marking centers.

The marking took place in 35 locations, including secondary schools and institutions.

State House Girls, Sunshine High School, Starehe Girls, Limuru Girls, Thika High, Buruburu High School, and Alliance Girls are just a few of the high schools for girls in Kenya

KCSE candidates will begin enrolling in universities as early as June this year, according to University Education and Research Principal Secretary Simon Nabukwesi.

Entry into vocational institutions, according to Mr Nabukwesi, would begin in September.

“As soon as the KCSE results are revealed, the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) would begin putting applicants in institutions.” There won’t be any squandering of time. When Mr Nabukwesi observed the KCSE exam distribution in Nakuru, he said, “Candidates would be shortlisted to join institutions in early June.”

Those enrolling in TVET institutes will do so in September, he added.

“Those who enroll in colleges and vocational institutes in September will do so,” he continued.

He further stated that the institutions will be able to accommodate all of the KCSE students in 2021.

Exam malpractice was recorded in numerous locations of the country during the administration of the written exam.

The CS, on the other hand, said that no exam papers were leaked and that the attempts to facilitate cheating were limited to certain examination officials photographing question papers after retrieving them from the containers.

He claimed that no examination papers had leaked due to police and Knec personnel’ strict security measures.

According to Magoha, all security officers manning the examinations are required to sit in positions where they have a “daily complete view of the examination materials.”

Several candidates, on the other hand, explained how they obtained the KCSE leaks before the examinations began.

The students, who asked to remain anonymous, told the media that they utilized social media to communicate with clients who had access to the papers.

They claimed that an hour or two before the exams, the leaked papers would be sent to their phones.

One candidate described how he scribbled the answers on a napkin and snuck them into the exam room.

“I got the exam paper two hours before the exam, jotted down the information on a napkin, and he brought it into the exam room successfully,” he told NTV.

The candidate went on to say that the authorities had a difficult time tracking down the perpetrators because much of the contact took place on social media.

“We received all Kiswahili, CRE, and Chemistry papers, as well as practicals.” We would frequently receive the papers an hour or two before the exam. So the leakage was present, and the administration should cease denying it,” he said.

The applicant confirmed that some of their lecturers were aware of the exam malpractice but did not take proper action, when asked how the plans came into play.

Teachers, parents, and students are all concerned that their exams may be canceled as a result of this disclosure.

Last year, the results of 287 children who took the 2020 KCSE exam were canceled due to different exam malpractices.

CS Education According to George Magoha, there was substantial evidence that the 287 pupils were cheating.

Out of the 287, 211 had unapproved materials in the examination room… “There were 45 mobile phones,” Magoha stated.


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