Pangani girls high school contacts,location,fees structure and KCSE results

Pangani girls’ School Details

Pangani Girls High School is a girl national secondary school locates along Juja road in Nairobi County. For more information please see the contacts below.

Pangani High School Motto, Vision and Mission

School Motto: Founded on Truth and Excellence
School Mission: To provide an education that entails Relevant, Effective and Adequate skills for the holistic development of students to enable her to excel in the highly competitive world.
School Vision: To develop the best students academically, socially, spiritually and morally.

Pangani High School History

The year was 1932, in pre-independent Kenya. At the time it was named the Duchess of Gloucester School, named after the late Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. At the time, the school had a purely Asian population, a community that lives, to this day, around the Ngara, Pangani area in Nairobi.

The school offered what was then the Cambridge and Higher Cambridge School Certificate; today’s equivalent of ‘O’ and ‘A’ level education. After Independence in 1963, the school was renamed; Pangani Girls High School and enrolment of African students steadily began.

It was initially a girl’s day school but was converted to a boarding school in 1986. At the time it was then considered a provincial school. Since 1990, Pangani Girls has steadily risen as a top-performing High school under the stewardship of Ruth Cheruiyot, who has since retired.

The schools consistent high performance over the years paid off. Pangani Girls School was certified as a National School in 2011 to offer more Kenyan girls a higher quality of secondary education.

Pangani High School How the School Works

As an association, the school works on a two-tier model. Tier one focuses on providing wholesome education, to current students in our alma mater; which builds them emotionally, physically as well as intellectually. We do this through four key programs that we run in partnership with dedicated school administration.

Tier Two focuses on growing a strong business and alumni network where we give back to our alma mater and begin to influence socio-economic growth in the alumni community.

Personal Wellness and Care

Hockey and Pangani are synonyms, however, over the years there has been a steady decline in the success of the school team. The association is proud to have DC a former Hockey captain from our glory days, taking time off her schedule to coach the girls to glory.

The sports program further seeks sponsorship and other forms of support to bolster other sports in the school, to ensure that our girls learn work-life balance by staying physically energized and invigorated beyond the book smarts.

We all need a guiding hand to provide inspiration and open us up to new opportunities. The association now runs regular career, inspirational and life skills talks and discussions with the girls which keep them energized and enthusiastic about their future.

The talks revolve around; mental health issues, social isolation, bullying, attempted suicide, HIV and AIDS stigmatization to extra-curricular activities in the workplace, benefits of volunteering during the school holiday, empowering each other, going for interviews, personal hygiene, and grooming.

Through annual membership fee, the association has successfully set up a scholarship fund that covers school fees of the needy students in the institution. Thus far 13 girls are now guaranteed of an education thanks to your support.

Pangani Girls High School KCSE Results

Individual candidates can check their KCSE results by SMS or online using an SMS number or website link provided at the release of the exam. Candidates and parents should visit the school for their official results slip. Results for all candidates and the school national, county and local ranking can also be found from the schools’ office.

The ministry of education advises parents teachers and pupils to check the KCSE result slip for any anomaly such as incorrect candidate’s name, school name and code as well as wrong subject grade and report to KNEC within a month after the announcement.

Pangani Girls High School Fees, Account Number and Uniform

For details on school fees structureaccount number and uniform, please contact the principal or the schools

School Name: Pangani Girls High School
Physical Location: Juja road, in or near Nairobi Town, Starehe Constituency, Nairobi County, Kenya
Address: P.O. Box 30152- 00100 Nairobi
City/Town: Nairobi
County: Nairobi
School Category: Public
School Code :
Phone Number: (020) 676 04 01 / 676 02 99

Pangani High School functional clubs

Drama Club
Debate Club
Sports Team
Girls Scouts

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