Most Marketable Degree Courses in Kenya 2021/2022

The yr 2021-2022 is speedy drawing near as many Kenyans plan to sign up for schools and universities for similarly studies. But as you propose to strengthen profession wise, which path do you believe you studied has a destiny in Kenya. Following the employment tendencies in Kenya, all people aspiring to sign up for university have to be greater cautious on which direction to pursue on the university.

Some of the marketable guides in kenya you watched are famous may also grow to be taking you nowhere. Sometimes it can pay to do studies to decide which direction is trending withinside the activity marketplace and which one might be vain withinside the close to destiny.Based at the modern task marketplace in Kenya, the subsequent are the excellent path to have a look at in 2021-2022



1. Bachelor of Commerce plus CPA/CFA/ACCA/CIFA- Bachelor of Commerce stays one of the maximum marketable guides in Kenya. But earlier than you make a decision to sign up for the enterprise direction make certain you furthermore mght sign up for a expert direction.

2. Software Engineering/Web Design
The boom of social media and the improvement of cellular apps have created possibility for software program engineers to discover an area in Kenya. Web Designers have now no longer been left at the back of either; they’ve numerous possibilities associated with internet layout and control as numerous Kenyans choose to begin web sites to have their presence at the of the maximum marketable publications in Kenya

3. Medicine

Medicine has been and nonetheless stays the maximum marketable route withinside the country. If you’ve got got assets to sign up for the route then do it in 2021-2022.

4. Architecture/Structural Engineering
The guides cross hand in hand and they’re seemed because the first-class withinside the Kenyan task marketplace. There are numerous exceptional possibilities for Architectures and Structural Engineers in Kenya.

Nursing and pharmacy are guides you can’t forget while selecting a pleasing path that could come up with a higher lifestyles in destiny.The exceptional element with those publications is that even in case you aren’t fortunate to get a task you could rent yourself.

6. Quantity Survey
If you need to do a path to be able to make your wealthy as quick as feasible then that is the direction. Quantity survey is remarkable, it’s uncommon and one of the few guides with graduates who’re loaded

7. GIS and Remote Sensing
GIS offers with spatial evaluation and mapping. GIS is the concept at the back of Google Earth and Google Maps. This is a unprecedented direction in Kenya that you have to do the entirety to pursue. It’s so marketable that any graduate noticed with the qualifications is obtainable a task with out making use of for one.

8. Statistics
Statistics is each marketable at undergraduate and Masters Level. The specialists on this profession are nicely paid and it’s uncommon to discover a information graduate being jobless. The common profits for a clean records graduate is Ksh75, 000.

9.Electrical/Civil Engineering
These publications also are marketable however Civil Engineering is higher as it has greater possibilities than Electrical Engineering

10. Business records technology

11. Monitoring and Evaluation
It doesn’t depend which degree you’ll try this direction, however I need you to understand that the path is so marketable in Kenya. Please be the primary one to pursue the direction in 2016.

12.Real Estate

This is a completely new direction in Kenya which is obtainable on the University of Nairobi. Real property has emerged as most of the first-class guides to look at in Kenya specifically people who want to paintings withinside the actual property, coverage and economic sectors

13. Procurement and Logistics

14. IT

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