KUPPET Urges State to Release School Funds Before Classes Resume

The Kenya Union of Post- Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) has urged Treasury to expeditiously release capitation funds to keep children in schools as the economic situation stabi- lises. Kuppet Secretary General Akelo Misori yesterday said capitation will also assist in infrastructure development required to control spread of Covi-19, noting that many schools have made little progress to make them ready for resumption of learning under the corona- virus protocols.

Even the new desks cur- rentlybeing procured by the Ministry are yet to reach earmarked schools. “The Government must pull up its socks in dealing with the situation in schools. The successful reopening of schools will require sacri- fices of all education stake- holders,” said Misori. He said early release of capitation will go a long way in cushioning most parents who are adversely affected by Covid-19 and are anxious as to how to raise the money for school fees.

However, Kuppet sup ported reopening of schools saying they had proposed it as early as Maywhen it urged the Government to start a partial reopening, be- ginning with examination classes He said teachers have all along been ready to play the noble role of nurturing young Kenyans amid con- tinuing uncertainties over Covid-19. Misori said the teachers will do their best to ensure that they recoup the time so far lost in the school calen- dar, to bind up the wounds ofsuffering children and provide the care they give.

“Given the prevailing health, environmental and social conditions in Kenya since the closure of schools in March, there is no doubt that the best interests of our children can best be served by them being in schools,” said Misori.

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