KUPPET now calling for re-opening of schools before june to avoid postmonment of KNEC examinations and proposes Knec exam dates

Having been denied their request to have the Knec examination postponed, the KUPPET heads are now seeking for the re opening of schools before June to avoid postponement of this years’ papers.

The Kenya Secondary Heads Association has issued an end of June ultimatum for candidates to resume school.

The school heads in their statement argued that the timeline would allow for the recovery of lost time as well as ensure each and every student stands an equal chance to partake in the national examinations.

Talking to Newstamu today, the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) Chairperson Omboko Milemba, informed that the union had called for students to resume school so as to avoid suspending the year’s national examinations.

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) Omboko Milemba during a past address.

He ruled out e-learning as a platform for syllabus coverage, noting that students needed to resume school soon.

“We as the union had proposed that we postpone the exams. But postponing exams is not just excitement from the union, but it is one of the drastic measures that can be taken by the union. That is a very drastic measure but we may use it as our last wildcard,” Milemba stated.

“The truth is that online learning guided by parents is neither here nor there. Rule out that. We cannot count that as curriculum completion and syllabus coverage, so all the students need to go back to school and finish the syllabus,” he added.

Milemba stated that if students resumed school by end of May or early June, then examinations would not need to be postponed, but moved forward.

“We lost the month of March, and we are likely to lose the month of May, April as a holiday. That means that we can recover. During the month of August, we make the holiday as short as possible and we do away with half term, we will cover the month of March. Ordinarily, exams come slightly early in November. We use November to cover for the month of May, and then all exams, KCSE and KCSE be done in the month of December, then we shall still be in business.

Milemba informed that as a result, the only thing postponed a little would be students joining form one in January 2021, but shall still retain the calender.

He cautioned against the imagination by Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha that students have been enjoying online learning, supervised by parents affected by the pandemic, and should not be considered syllabus coverage.

“I think he needs to borrow from the ministry of health. An easy minister who can consult with other players and make decisions easily without holding it to himself that he is the one to give what is right or wrong,” Milemba stated.

Kessha national Chairperson Kahi Indimuli supported the ideology, arguing that the year’s academic calendar could be recovered if students resume early enough

About the Exam dates:

The KUPPET heads,despite the period that students have missed school proposed that the exam dates should remain the same. This is because the remaining tim e will be enough for revision and syllabus coverage by the students.

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