KUCCPS 2020/2021 placement and intake details, Second revision, how to easily go about the application process and how to check for a secured course

The The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) is given the work of placing students to higher institutions of learning; Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics and TVETs. KUCCPS is the Government of Kenya body that undertakes the selection of students for admission to higher learning institutions for Government sponsorship.
After students have selected their courses, kuccps reviews and places them accordingly. Such students can then check their placement results, online, after the selection process.

How to Check Course and University placed to; KUCCPS 2020/2021

    To check the course and the university in which you have been placed, For the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE, candidates, you can check for your placement results but after kuccps has finalized the selection process. After the announcement of the results, then use the procedure below to check placement results;
  • Visit: http://students.kuccps.net/
  • Login with your details as follows;
  • Username: (Use your full Index Number)
  • Year: (2019)
  • Password: (Use your Birth Certificate Number or KCPE index number)

After login you should see a box like the one below with a message that reads

Congratulations, followed by a university you have been placed then finally the course you will pursue.


 Placement to any programme:
Any applicant who fails to qualify for their choices but meet the cut off points for placement may be offered any course with unfilled capacities taking into account the minimum requirements for admission.

Payment of the Placement Processing Fee

  1. Applicants who did the First Revision of Choices but failed to secure any of their choices are not required to pay the placement processing fee during the Second Revision. Instead, they should submit the MPesa transaction code they used during the First Revision.
  2. Those who applied through their schools but missed the First Revision should pay the amount indicated in their accounts in the Student’s Portal.
    Note: They should not make any payment until they have logged in to the Student’s Portal and completed all the application steps. Please follow the payment instructions on the portal carefully.NB: placement fee should only be paid once.
  3. Candidates who neither applied through their schools nor during the First Revision and are selecting courses for the first time will be required to pay a placement processing fee of Ksh1,500.
    Note: They should not make any payment until they have logged in to the Student’s Portal and completed all the application steps. Please follow the payment instructions on the portal carefully.

Application Support

  1. In light of the Government guidelines meant to stem the spread of the coronavirus, applicants are advised to observe social distancing, avoid gatherings and follow the directives regularly issued by the Ministry of Health.
  2. Due to these Government guidelines, the Placement Service offices and Huduma Centre desks are closed to the public. The application process is, however, fully automated and applicants who need support to access their accounts should contact the Placement Service Customer Care through:

The Placement Service staff will be reachable for support through the above contacts weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

The placement application process is automated and applications can be submitted online from any location through mobile phones, tablets and computers connected to the Internet. Applicants are advised to observe the deadline as late applications will not be accepted.


KUCCPS Intake:

KUCCPS 2020 intake is currently under preparation but the application window for 2019 KCSE candidates is open. Students who did not manage to apply for the first revision can now apply easily as the intake is still ongoing.

A list of ten thousand students was relieased recently, it contained the students required to go for the second revision of courses. These students had applied for the 2020/2021 September intake but did not manage to secure courses they had selected.


What is KUCCPS?

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) is a body corporate established under the Universities act of 2012 that is mandated, among other functions, to coordinate the placement of government-sponsored students to universities and colleges.

KUCCPS has the largest database of universities and colleges in Kenya and all the eligible programs they offer since it registers all the institutions eligible for students’ placement, a necessary part of data collection.

As of this year 2020, it offers placement in 542-degree programs, 216 diploma programs, 112 certificate programs, and 145 artisan programs from 69 universities and 146 colleges.


The KUCCPS portal is divided into 3 sections; Student Portal, Principal’s Portal and Institutions Portal. The Student portal is what we will focus on today but allow me to give you an idea of what the other two portals are and how they coordinate with the student portal.

The Principal’s portal enables principals of high schools to register form 4 students based on their index numbers and their first career selections before they sit for the KCSE Exams. This is to enable direct first-time placement of students who score above C- in their exams.

The Institution portal allows universities and colleges to add available programs to the systems and the slots available. Registered institutions must be accredited by institution bodies Commission of University Education (CUE) for universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) for Colleges

The student Portal

This part of the KUCCPS site allows students to select their career choices and revise them in case they have to. Typically, students were allowed to select their first career choices while in high school using KUCCPS application forms whose data is later inputted into the KUCCPS portal.

Once the results are out and the KUCCPS first placement has been done, the portal is reopened again to allow students to revise their career choices if they are not satisfied.

Application Procedure.

KUCCPS application procedure is rather simple. First, you need to log into the student portal.

1. Visit students.kuccps.net

2. Log in using the following details

  • Username: Full Index Number
    • Year: Your KCSE year
    • Password: KCPE index number or Birth Certificate Number

3. Once you log in, the portal dashboard will appear. The dashboard is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate.

4. To check available programs, select the Programmes Tab

5. To check programs provided by a specific institution, first select the Institutions Tab, Find your institution of choice then check the programs offered.

6. A course basket is provided for you to collect courses, which you find interesting.

7. Once you have a list of courses you prefer, arrange them separately on a piece of paper according to passion and preferences. Take note of their Codes

8. Click the Application/Revision Tab

9. Input the Programmes Codes in order and confirm.

10. You will be prompted to pay a processing fee of 1500 for first time application or 1000 for revision application.

11. Payment procedure

  • Go to your Lipa na M-PESA Menu
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Business Number: 820201
  • Account Number: KCSE Year and KCSE Index Number (no space)
  • Amount: Ksh 1500 (First time) or Ksh 1000 (Revision)
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send.

12. Finally, ensure you keep your M-Pesa transaction code in an accessible place since it will be required whenever you wish to make any subsequent changes.

Requirements for Application

KUCCPS students applicants eligible for placement must have fulfilled the following conditions

  • Kenyan Citizen
  • Sponsorship will only be eligible for immediate KCSE students preceding the selection of placement. Meaning you must be a fresh KCSE graduate
  • Must have a C+ and above for degree programs application or a C- for a diploma course.

Applicant choices

  • Applicants with an overall grade of C+ and above can select a maximum of 8 choices (Degrees or Diplomas)
  • Applicants with C- or C can select a maximum of 6 diploma choices.
  • Choices 1a, 1b, 1c must be similar programs while 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 can be any program.

Note that all programs have minimum subject requirements. Thus, you can only apply for a course whose minimum requirements you meet. However, the selection and placement will depend on the overall performance, demand of programs and the available capacity.

How to check degree, diploma or course selected

This also simply involves logging into your account using your index number as the username, year of KCSE, and Birth certificate number or KCPE index number as your password.

Once you are in, you should see a display notification of the program you have been placed in.

Admission Lists

Following the successful placement of students by the KUCCPS, all institutions involved will be required to come up with Admission lists for students who have been placed into their programs. This list comes as a supplementary document that confirms your placement in a specific college or university. You will receive an admission letter, which you will use to register as a student in the institution in your first year of the program.

NB. If you failed to secure placement during the first revision of courses,apply the ongoing second course revision.

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