KNEC Releases an Assessment Timetable for Grade 4 and Class 8 Learners

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) has released the timetable for Grade Four and Standard Eight learner’s assessment tests, which are scheduled to start on Monday.

For Grade Four, the learners will be assessed for dour days, from Monday to Thursday. Standard Eight assessments will be done in three days.

On day one, Grade Four learners will be assessed on English learning, speaking and reading aloud for 10 minutes per learner.

Special needs learners will be tested for 15 minutes each in the English Braille listening aloud, speaking and reading aloud, according to the guidelines.

Those with hearing impairment will be assessed on English observation and signing, and English reading and signing for 10 minutes per learner.

On day two, the learners will be assessed in English reading comprehension, Grammar and writing for one hour and 20 minutes while those with special needs will be tested for one hour and 50 minutes. They will also be assessed on environmental activities, science and technology.

Kiswahili Grammar
On the third day, the pupils will be tested on Kiswahili, listening, speaking and reading aloud, they will also be assessed in Kiswahili Grammar and writing on the fourth day.

Standard Eight candidates will sit mathematics, English language and composition the first day; Science, Kiswahili language and Insha on the second day; and social studies and religious studies on the third day.

Knec acting chief executive officer Mercy Karogo said assessments are part of the Global Partnership for Education grant by the government to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on education systems and help recovery.


The assessments are to test learners’ ability to remember what they have studied over the years and help them refocus their minds on studies after the seven-month break.

The project is supporting Knec through the National Assessment Centre to conduct school-based learning assessments in primary schools.

For new schools that are not registered on the Knec portal, headteachers are expected to liaise with sub-county directors of education for assistance.

Dr Karogo said assessments for Grades one to three and Standards Five to Seven will be done once they resume classes.

The learners are expected to start reporting back to school between October 26 and November 2.

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha on Monday said the ministry is monitoring the situation in schools and will recall the other learners soon.

But yesterday, Elimu Yetu Coalition national co-ordinator Joseph Wasikhongo said a decision to recall the other learners would be premature.

“Opening school for other learners is not a good move to make now. This could be risking the lives of the children,” said Mr Wasikhongo.

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