Kaimosi TTC 2020/2021 intake, application letters, location, fee structure history and courses offered

Physical Address: Kaimosi Township
Postal Address: Private Bag Tiriki
Telephone number: 056-41433
Mobile number: 0734-835253

School fees structure:

For school fees structure, call the mobile number provided above or Visit Kaimosi TTC administration offices for an updates fees structure.

Kaimosi Teachers Training College Kaimosi Courses and Programmes Offered

  1. Primary Teacher Education Certificate (P1)
  2. KATC Intermediate Level (KASNEB KATC)
  4. KATC Final Level (KASNEB KATC)
  5. KATC (Accounting)
  6. Diploma in Religion and Society (Religion and Society)
  7. Diploma in Music Technology (Music)
  8. Diploma in Music (Music)
  9. Diploma in French (French)
  10. Diploma in Education (Science)
  11. Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education (Early Childhood Development)
  12. Certificate in Mathematics (Mathematics)
  13. Certificate in Kiswahili (Kiswahili)
  14. Certificate in English Language (English Language)
  15. Certificate in Early Childhood Developmentand Education (ECDE

Application form

To obtain the application form for Kaimosi teachers training college, visit their official website/portal to download and fill the form.

procedure through which you can file your application:

  • Applications are made online at the Kenya Universities & Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS)’s website: – www.kuccps.net on specified dates when the site is announced open for applications. However, students who miss this dates may apply directly to the College.

  • Applicants who sat for KCSE in 2011 and previous years and have not benefitted from any Government Sponsorship are also eligible to apply.

If you did not manage to get placement via KUCCPS, then you still can get one via the TTC. Simply contact the TTC for direct admission.


Kaimosi TTC Logo
                                     Kaimosi TTC Logo
Kaimosi TTC minimum course qualifications in Education.

TTCs offer training for both Science (Diploma in Education Science) and Arts (Diploma in Education Arts) teachers. The diploma course lasts for 3 academic years. It is a pre-requisite from the Ministry of Education that aspiring secondary school teachers should have the below minimum KCSE qualifications for entry into DTE (Diploma in Teacher Education) course.

Below are the latest general minimum requirements for students seeking to pursue teaching:

  • Mean grade: C+ (plus)
  • English: C (plain)
  • Mathematics: D+ (plus) for those taking education arts and C (plain) for those hoping to undertake training in education science.
  • Two specialization subjects (subjects you intend to teach at high school): C+

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