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Chogoria Girls High School is a National girls’ school, located in Tharaka Nithi County of the Central Region in Kenya. 


  • SCHOOL’S NAME: Chogoria Girls High School
  • SCHOOL’S TYPE: Girls only boarding school
  • SCHOOL’S CATEGORY: National School
  • SCHOOL’S LEVEL: Secondary
  • SCHOOL’S LOCATION: located in Tharaka Nithi County of the Central Region in Kenya. 
  • SCHOOL’S PHONE CONTACT: 0723-538393
  • SCHOOL’S POSTAL ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 76, 60401 Chogoria


The school was started in 1922 by a missionary from the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Dr. Clive Irvine, who also founded the church and the hospital. It started as a preparatory grade mixed school. In 1952 it achieved the title of Primary School and Junior School.

In 1953, the Junior School was terminated and Intermediate School was introduced. The school continued with its co-education that had its classrooms at Chogoria Boys Secondary and dormitories at Chogoria Girls Secondary School. All this time its catchment area was the whole of the old Meru and Embu Districts.

In 1965, the idea of a secondary school came into the minds of the local people and the intermediate section was slowly phased out. In the same year, the girls joined the boys to carry on with co-education.

In 1968 the school headmaster decided to separate boys from girls and this gave birth to Chogoria Girls Secondary School with its first headteacher Mrs. Charity Mugo.

In 1969, the girls moved to the present 20-acre site. The physical facilities were quite inadequate but through the efforts of the local community, the P.C.E.A church and assistance from the government and parents the school grew. It continued as a single stream (160 students) up to 1979 when the second stream was born. In 1980 the Advanced level (‘A’ level), Arts stream was started.

From 1980 the school continued with two streams in ordinary level ‘O’ and one stream ‘A’ level Arts. The ‘A’ level stream was phased out in 1989 when the education system in Kenya was changed to 8-4-4 system. The third stream in` O’ level was then started in 1990.

In 1996 the fourth stream was started and soon after (2001) the fifth stream was born.

The student population as at November 2011 stood at 930, with 53 trained teachers (7 of whom are employed by the Board of Governors) and 49 non-teaching staff members.

Chogoria girls high school uniform.

The students wear long sleeved purple shirts,a black sweater,jacket and wind breaker,checked purple and white split skirt

Chogoria girls high school school fees structure year 2020:

Being a national school the school fees is expected to be higher than the other other schools I.e extra county schools, village schools and the county schools in Kenya. The average school fees as per each national school is 57,774 Kenya shillings. For the official school fees structure visit the school principal’s office for more details.



To be an epitome of a holistic learning center.


To provide a conducive learning environment with a view to enabling the girls to realize their fullest potential and become responsible citizens.


Common Sense with Discipline, Determination, and Dedication for excellence.


  1. Reverence for God
  2. Integrity
  3. Commitment
  4. Teamwork
  5. Courtesy
  6. Capacity building
  7. Environmental conservation


In need of more information about the school? Worry not. Use any of the contacts below for inquiries and/ or clarifications:

  • Postal Address:  P.O. Box 76, 60401 Chogoria
  • Phone Contact: 0723-538393


Being a public school, form one admissions are done by the Ministry of Education. Vacancies are available on competitive basis. Those seeking admissions can though directly contact the school or pay a visit for further guidelines.


The school has been know for its excellent performance in the past years.The school has maintained a good run in performance at the Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC, exams. Chogoria Girls High School emerged top in the 2019 Kenya Certificate of  Secondary Education, KCSE, examination in Tharaka Nithi County. The school had a mean score of 8.31 to take position 63 nationally.

Beautification Programme

Chogoria Girls High School has recently embarked on a deliberate beautification programme. As one enters the main gate the eyes behold-right ahead-a fountain that resembles a mountain peak. On its base is inscribed in the cool CGHS colours the school’s vision “To Be an Epitome of a Holistic Learning Centre .’

On the left is Eden-a carpet of green lush grass and flower shrubs. A simulated valley runs through the garden and enters the “sea” – a fish pond shaped like a map of Kenya with real fish.

Everywhere the eye beholds a lovely panorama of growing plant colours in carefully constructed flower-beds. The academic square itself is spectacular – an exquisite lattice of pleasing colours, like a painting on canvas. All the colours harmonize to create a calming effect on the mind.

Indeed all this is a deliberate scheme to create an environment that induces peace and serenity which are vital to effective learning. The Principal, Mrs V.M Gitonga explains it this way:

Physical beauty has a powerful effect on a person’s mind when you look at something pleasing to the eye you feel calm and joyful; your mind becomes relaxed, restful and at peace. This tranquillity enhances learning because even after stressful sessions in class the learners and teachers look at the flowers and after a while, things get back into the proper perspective.”

Though she has a personal inclination to flowers, Mrs Gitonga says the whole programme is achieved through teamwork, with everyone happy to contribute in ideas and care. All she gives is a willing ear.

Co-Curriculum Activities

 Chogoria Girls High School Sports:

  1.     Badminton
  2.     Chess
  3.     Athletics
  4.     Basketball
  5.     Volleyball

Chogoria Girls High School Clubs:

  1.     Art Club
  2.     First Aid Club
  3.     Debate Club
  4.    Drama Club
  5.     Music Club
  6.     Science Club
  7.     Wildlife Club
  8.     Journalism Club

Part of the Global Citizenship| Exchange Program

In June 2003, the then Principal of Chogoria Girls’ High School (CGHS) Mrs. Riungu visited Scotland. Out of that visit and through other efforts – CGHS got a partner, Currie Community School in Edinburgh.

In January 2004, the then Principal of Currie Community School Mr Eric Melvin visited Chogoria Girls. Reciprocal visits commenced with CGHS sending two teachers (one of whom was the CGHS current principal Mrs V.M Gitonga) and two students. Currie Community School reciprocated with two teachers and two students in September 2005. By the end of the partnership grant period(three years), eight teachers and eight students from both schools had benefited from the DFID/British Council sponsorship.

The partnership has had a tremendous impact on the two school communities. Mr Melvin, who probably made it all possible, says the partnership has resulted in “a huge educational gain,” with some students in Currie High having had “life-changing experiences.” He tells of how one young man had planned to pursue a degree in graphic design at the University but on coming to CGHS on a partnership visit, he is seriously considering changing his course to a more humanitarian one.

Chogoria Girls High School News

Chogoria Girls High School in Tharaka Nithi County is a national school on the eastern slopes of Mt Kenya where it was founded by Dr. Clive Irvine, a Presbyterian Church of Scotland missionary in 1922.

Starting as a preparatory grade mixed school, it upgraded to a Primary then a Junior school in 1952 and was turned into a secondary school in 1965 when the intermediate section was phased out.

‘Chogs’ as the school is nicknamed, became an all-girls school in 1968 sitting on 20 acres with Charity Mugo as the first headteacher.

‘Chogs’ is an academic giant and early this year it hit headlines for being the best school in Tharaka Nithi with 21 candidates scoring straight A’s while 104 earned A- in KCSE exams.

Notable alumni guided by the motto ‘Common Sense with Discipline, Determination and Dedication include Mother in-law’s Catherine Kamau (Celina).

Students called her Cate Kama and it is here that her acting flourished in the drama club before being expelled for mimicking the headmistress.

Kenya’s Harpic Ambassador since 2012 was transferred to Loreto Msongari where she was crowned Miss Msongari in her fourth year.

Another student who wore the grey, maroon and white uniform is NTV’s Sheila Sendeyo as did Dr. Faith Wanjiru Karanja, Prof of Food Chemistry, University of Nairobi and Sylvia Opanga, a Tutorial Fellow, School of Pharmacy, University of Nairobi.

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