Wisdom that rests in TRADITIONAL HEALING. Must Read!

Wisdom that rests in TRADITIONAL HEALING. Must Read!

Not everybody could choose on the traditional way of treatment to the conventional way, but research now has revealed that quite a number of persons have started to embrace this style of healing. The secret lies in the quality.

The reality is, as some people grapple with the reality of Traditional Healing, results have shown that it remains the most reliable means of healing with less side effects.

Traditionalists explain that Traditional Healing is the oldest form of structured medicine. It has some set of principle which keeps it relevant in today’s world as well. It is a proven fact that all forms of medicine like Chinese medicine, graeco-arabic medicine and modern western medicine are all derived from traditional healing.

The practice of traditional healing totally depends on the healing knowledge that has been gathered over many years in addition to the healer’s experience gained from their years of practice.

Interesting part of this is that, healers think of the universe as a living intelligent being that operates under the natural laws and manifests according to specific rules and correspondences. They also exercise their conviction that the purpose of life and the nature of disease cannot be understood without the knowledge of these laws and the individual’s relationship to the natural world.

Traditionalist or spiritualists have comprehensive knowledge and profound knowledge of the natural laws and its influence on all living beings present in the planet.

In contrast, medicine practice of traditional healers is way different from other medicine practitioners. They practice what is called “World Medicine”, which is the original heritage of all humanity. The medicine is free of any philosophical layer that has been added in other traditional medicines over the centuries.

Mugwenu Doctors explain that Traditional healing is integrated and combines different approaches like counselling, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine and other physical therapeutics.

Further, traditional healers learn from other healers by means of apprenticeship which takes a minimum of seven years. Nowadays almost every healer have a combination of formal higher education who are also mentored by experienced traditional healers over an extended period.Email Dr Mugwenu at mugwenudoctors@gmail.com
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