Why I eloped with my best friend lover days to their wedding She gives her side of the story.

Why I eloped with my best friend lover days to their wedding She gives her side of the story.

Our friendships with Christine began when I joined campus .She was taking a couse in Economics while I was taking finance. We mostly met in combined classes and that’s when we became good friends. We had so much in common ,same interests and even the same taste in fashion.

While in second year we decided to leave the campus hostels and rented a house where we shared the rent .we lived so well that even people thought we were related. We even at times when on holidays visited each others home.

Christine was a really beautiful lady and she had some somali traits with her long and curly hair.Due to her beauty she was always getting hit on whenever we went out for parties .In clubs we could get lots of free drinks courtesy of her.At some point this would make me jealous but I never showed her.

After campus we both got jobs in the banking industry but in different towns.We never broke our friendship and we would meet severally,. While at work I met a guy by the name Kevin .He was respectable and smart . we became good friends and woud oftently hangout together. I developed a crush on him but on his side he had nothing more than friendship. He would even say that he took me as his small sister .This would break my heart because I really had feelings for him.

One time Christined happened to be in town and she joined us for lunch with Kevin. Upon meeting some chemistry developed between them and even Kevin asked for her contact. After sometime Christine told me that they had started dating and he loved him too. I could not believe it .why was she the only one taking the best. I loved Kevin so much yet he never showed any relationship interest in me and now he was dating my best friend.

I decided to cut them off and heal my broken heart but it was so hard. Even before I could even move on I saw I had been added to a whatsapp group planning their wedding which was in a months time.

I could not stand more of this heart pains .i could not allow this wedding to go on. I decided to go to Dr Mugwenu a known traditional herbalist and get Kevin to love me .And true to his words one week to the wedding it was cancelled. Kevin called me asking for a chance that he had been blinded by Christines beauty but I was the one his heart felt calm with.

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