Unbelievable! This is the Huge Amount SRC Is Planning To Give Teachers As Salary Increment

The teachers have had a rough 2021.Their expectations have been dashed.Their much anticipated CBA was quashed by SRC after they had inched closer to getting their 2021 CBA.

In January this year,SRC made the classroom teachers more optimistic by saying that these teachers had been shortchanged in the previous CBA that ended on 30th June.

The recent CBA signed between the teachers unions have angered the teachers who have felt betrayed by the union officials.

The non monetary component in the CBA has seen the teachers wait for another CBA that will come after the next four years.

The former Knut SG Wilson who suffered in the hands of TSC has spoken.He has said that the unions are now tamed after him being fought.

Mr Sossion has also revealed that in deed teachers were headed to getting KSh 33 billions as salary increment in the botched July CBA.

This is a dissapointing revelation since the teachers were sure until May that they would get the pay increase after SRC signalling it before.

Now that teachers are going for tpd modules,will they now get handsome pay as in other professions such as medicine?

Sources have it that the SRC is Working on the salary Review for all the civil servants which we hope that they will factor in the teachers salary Increment that was quashed earlier on.

But it was so unfortunate that the teachers suffered a blow after they had hoped for that money for so long only to be disappointed at the end of the tunnel.

On the other hand, Sossion was fighting for all these teachers. But since the commission knew how adamant he was in implementing what he felt is weird for the teachers, they staged to remove him from the teachers list so that they can get a free environment where they will introduce anything they feel like.

Also the commission intended to have someone in the office who can manipulate and have him bow to their demands, of they finally succeeded

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