TSC sets new requirements of becoming a school principal/Headteacher

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While reporting for TSC in a meeting that was attended by Kuppet and some selected officials from KNUT, the Commission’s Head of Corporate Communications, Ms Beatrice Wababu, elaborated that among the teachers who want to be in leadership roles, most are deputy and principal or headmaster. They Should attract a good record in both academic and social behaviour, added in the bye-laws of the TSC.


As per the new changes, teachers who appear to be applying for deputy leadership must be in a senior teacher leadership position for at least six years with an additional year on probation

Further, Ms. Wababu pointed out that the deputies interested in the seat of the headmaster or headmaster should be more than 5 years in the present appointment, with a probationary period of additional two years.

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The clause clearly stipulates that in order to achieve supremely prominent roles in public institutions, they must have been in the profession for more than twenty years, something that seems unbearable.




Moreso, the implementation of similar policies would cause an endless stagnation in one of the job groups, and this could derail the already accumulated high morale of teachers who aspire to deputize and become chiefs in the near future





While the commission was prepared to hear on the relevant issues raised by unions on the new clauses, the TSC was reluctant to change any new legislation in any way, and suggested that if need be, it should expand where to add or subtract while maintaining the purpose of the above clauses.

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