TSC Response to Teachers’ T-PAY Profile Updating Challenges experienced

TSC Chairperson, Nancy Macharia addressing a Media press

TSC Response to Teachers’ T-PAY Profile Updating Challenges experienced


Teachers Service Commission, has finally replied to the difficulties teachers are having updating their T-PAY profiles.


TSC issued a circular last week instructing all teachers to confirm their user profiles. The goal of the TPAY profile update was to help improve the security aspects of the company’s numerous systems.


Majority of teachers, on the other hand, are having trouble getting the One Time Pin (OTP) for verification sent to their emails. Despite the teachers entering the correct email address, this occurred.


Equally logging into the email to see if the code has been received is a good idea. Despite the fact that this has been fixed, some teachers are still having trouble obtaining the code sent to their TSC.


As per to several teachers, even after entering the proper code supplied by TSC, the system detects an OTP discrepancy.


Some teachers are dissatisfied since they are unable to use TPAY services such as their own payslips and p9 forms to file KRA returns.


It is the TPAY system that manages pay slips, P9 statements, Control sheets, Third Party transactions, and the loan application and approval procedure for teachers and secretaries.


As per to TSC, users of the system have previously suffered security issues, with fraudsters using the details of legitimate users to obtain access to the system.


The Teachers Service Commission has responded to the issues faced by teachers. It started by allowing all instructors who had supplied a photo and verified their phone numbers to access their tpay accounts, which included p9s, payslips, and third-party transaction information.


TSC then fixed the email issue, and instructors were able to get the codes by email. Those who are unable to obtain the codes may contact local TSC county offices for assistance.


Those who are unable to use their TSC-provided Outlook email accounts should also visit their TSC county offices to get their email accounts enabled, according to the commission. Despite the fact that the period for self-activation of emails had ended, some teachers were hired later and others had not.


With password mismatches, the commission advises impacted instructors to use the most recent codes supplied by the commission, as it has been seen that some teachers request codes multiple times, and each time, a different code is sent, canceling the prior one.


The teachers who are having password troubles with their email can update their passwords by clicking here.


Incase you have any issues, please click the comment button and write your problem as a remark so that you can be helped.




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