TSC Releases A New Score Sheet For 2022 Recruitment, Guidelines And Documents. 

TSC Releases A New Score Sheet For 2022 Recruitment, Guidelines And Documents.

The Teacher’s Service Commission has released updated recruitment guidelines for 2022.




In the guidelines, graduate teachers who have evidence for internships have an upper hand in securing TSC employments.




The following are factors that increase chances of a teacher securing employment from TSC






Quality of the certificate


Teachers with the following subject combination also stand a higher chance of getting employed.










These teachers are easily employed by the Commission since they are few.




During interviews, applicants are required to present the following documents in original and photocopy form.




National Identity card


KCPE Certificate


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KCSE certificate (if in any case the applicant sat for the exam twice, he/she is required to carry their first attempt certificate along with the second one.)


Official transcripts, certified Diploma/Degree certificates.


Leaving certificates, both from primary and secondary schools.


A sworn in affidavit if names on the applicant’s documents differ.


Below is a score sheet for graduate teachers, BA Degree +PGDE or BSC Degree + PGDE. Masters graduates or Diploma Trained Teachers.






Intern teachers have a higher advantage during employment since they are automatically awarded 30 marks. Teachers partaking in this program therefore are given a priority first.


Marks according to the length of stay since graduation- in the recent past, marks as per the length of stay of a teacher has been reduced drastically.


It is also important to note that in order to score part 2, the year of completion of Professional trainings, PGDE/BED whose credentials are used for part 1 of the above score sheet will determine the length of stay and not the enhancement year.




Communication skills and co-curricular certificate- a teacher with a certificate of participation in co-curricular activities stand a higher chance of absorption. This part is commonly used during ties.


To avoid a knock-out ensure you have either of the skills named above. Have a good commanding voice and outstanding communication skills. Convince the panel and work on your confidence.




Lastly, have a good content mastery in the teaching subject.






Carry all the required documents.


According to TSC, no candidate should score 0 in 3 above. In case it happens, the candidate is automatically rejected

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