TSC issues Steps to Follow When Filing Death Gratuity Claims

This is pension paid to dependants when a teacher is killed while on duty. The benefit is payable to the spouse and/or dependants of a teacher who dies as a result of injuries in the actual discharge of duty and without his/her own intention.


The amount payable is equivalent to two years’ salary, calculated on the pay at the time of death.


Mandatory documents required are declaration forms, and Widows and Children’s Pension Scheme (GP 215) form – the widow/widower declaration form is filled by a husband/wife whose spouse has passed away, while the Dependants’ Declaration form is filled by children where both parents are deceased or the deceased parent was not married, or by a parent, sibling, or other guardian in case of a deceased teacher who was not married and had no children.


The GP 215 Form is filled, together with the dependants’ declaration form, by a parent, sibling, or other guardian in the case of a male deceased teacher who was not married and had no children.


The Teachers Service Commission has outlined steps to follow when filling death gratuity claims as it moves to ease the payment process.


It identified poor documentation, filing wrong declaration forms, family disputes and inability to trace the next of kin as main obstacles behind delayed payment.


The Commission advised employees to regularly update the next of kin form, dependants and contact details. Where there are two or more wives, all of them should fill the forms unless they agree to nominate one of them as their legal representative. Such an agreement must be in writing and signed by each of them.


Where the teacher and the spouse are both deceased, the children should nominate one of them to be paid on their behalf and ensure they have a written agreement signed by all and witnessed by the area chief.


The Commission also encourages the next of kin of deceased teachers to seek assistance from human resource officers at TSC county and sub-county offices when filling and submitting the documents required for processing the claims.


TSC only processes the claim then presents it to the National Treasury for payment.


According to the Pensions Act (Cap.189), the benefit is a lump sum (one off) amount payable to the legal representative or dependents of a teacher who dies while serving on permanent and pensionable terms of service.

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