TSC issues new Teacher Promotion Guidelines

The Teachers Service Commission has recently changed promotion guidelines to fit the new curriculum.


In the past, promotions were solely based on the teaching experience of an individual and the performance too. Teachers who recorded high performance in their teaching subjects were promoted to another job group with higher pay or even to be headteachers or principals.


However, after the implementation of the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), things have changed. The following are the new guidelines in order to stand a chance for promotion;


You must be a CBC competent teacher who has undergone all training recommended by TSC.

You must have successfully done the refresher courses which will be soon rolled out by TSC which aims at improving teacher levels of professionalism.



How does TSC practice its teacher promotions?


TSC promotes its teachers based on existing schemes of service i.e the TSC Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) and the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs).


During promotion, the commission will consider the Appraisal Reports (Teachers Performance and Appraisal Development TPAD) which is submitted after each term.


The commission practices its promotions in three different ways:


Promotion on common cadre establishment

Promotion through Teacher Proficiency Course (TPC)

Promotion through competitive selection

However, there may be instances where the commission may fail to promote a teacher. These situations include;


If a teacher has not completed two years from the date, he was found guilty following a disciplinary action.

If a teacher has not completed one year from the date he was issued with an administrative warning.

In the new guidelines, TSC has also included that if a teacher is found guilty of violating TSC rules and regulations, then he/she will never stand a chance for promotion. Teachers are therefore encouraged to practice their work with the highest degree of professionalism and discipline

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