TSC issues a list of teachers who failed to fill Tpad Online

The Teaching profession has of late become very tedious for most teachers . This is due to the numerous tasks from the Commission that all registered teachers must undertake

The Teachers Service Commission through the CEO Nancy Macharia developed TPAD tool that was to guide teacher progression level

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Teachers have been reluctant in the recent past to upload their details due to various challenges ranging from network connectivity to lack of knowledge on how to upload the data


TSC at the end of third term rolled out summaries per county on the number of teachers who failed to upload their information.

The County Director of Kisumu county through a memo had written to all principal, Curriculum support officers, headteachers and ICT officers to show cause why Kisumu county teachers didn’t take this noble process important.

According to the letter,only 66% complied . Kisumu county was ranked number 41 out 47 counties. The deadline for uploading term one came to an end on 1/10/2021.

All education stakeholders have been notified they monitor appraisal for this term to avoid mistake that occurred in first term.

Teachers have expressed their dissatisfaction online with how they are experiencing challenges with the network connectivity.

So far TSC has sent several show cause letters to teachers who failed to beat the deadline.

If you failed to do so before the deadline and you haven’t got your letter, then higher chances are you’ll get a letter. Be Prepared and let’s hope for the

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