TSC issues a list of Teachers Supposed to Update their Profile

TSC Chairperson, Nancy Macharia addressing a Media press


Teachers Supposed to Update their Profile Revealed


The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has revealed which teachers are supposed to update their profiles with tomorrow’s deadline almost catching teachers out.



According to a sampled investigation done by Teacher.co.ke, a huge number of teachers are still yet to update their profiles.


Teachers have been confused for a while on which teachers are supposed to update their profiles and this has been the main reason why many have not updated their profiles.


Teachers employed on Board of Management (BOM) terms, ECDE and intern teachers were on the fence regarding whether they are supposed to update their profiles before the 30th of November deadline.


The Commission instructed all registered teachers to update their profiles before tomorrow’s deadline.



This was communicated through a Circular dated the 28th of July 2021 whereby Dr Reuben Nthamburi, the Director of Quality Assurance and Standards ordered teachers to update their profiles by tomorrow so that the Commission can have an updated register for all tutors.


“Teachers’ details on the Register of Teachers is not up to date. TSC has opened the online register to enable every teacher to update their details,” said Dr Nthamburi.


Following his speech, a link was made available for teachers to update their profiles.


However, some teachers thought that the Commission was only referring to only TSC-employed teachers. This meant that most intern teachers and those teachers employed on BOM terms in both public and private schools, and those who are unemployed have not updated their profiles.


There are more than 160,000 teachers working in private schools across the country meaning that a huge number of these may miss out on the profile update exercise.



In addition to the Circular, TSC Chief Executive Officer Dr Nancy Macharia has emphasized that all teachers who are registered under the Commission should update their profiles.


Dr Macharia revealed that the profile update exercise is important while referencing the Kenyan Constitution and the TSC Act that gives the mandate to the Commission regarding keeping updated records of teachers on the Commission’s register.


TSC maintains the Teachers’ register and issues them with Certificates of Registration. Article 237 of the Constitution mandates the Commission to register teachers.


What are the basic details required when updating the teacher profile?


The following are the basic details required when updating teacher profiles.



Mobile phone number (this is used in verification via SMS code)


Date of Birth

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN Certificate



National Identification Card

Details of Home County, Home Sub-County, Division, Zone, Constituency, Impairment type, permanent postal address, permanent postal address and town and current postal address and town.


Teachers were also instructed to declare their wealth by the 31st of December 2021. Any teachers who will try to declare wealth past the midnight of the stated date will not succeed as the system will not pick up the details.


According to the TSC Circular, any teacher found to have provided false information or fails to submit the declaration could be fined Kshs, 1,000,000 or be imprisoned for a term not more than one year or both upon conviction.


Teachers are required to declare Income, Assets and Liabilities. These include teachers on any kind of leave, interdiction, suspension or authorized absence of duty.


For teachers who have never submitted their wealth declaration before, they can do so by submitting Initial Declarations system has also been made to allow this.


The Commission has also revealed that it will not extend the deadline for both Wealth declaration and Updating of Profiles beyond the given dates

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