TSC is planning to deploy more teachers to Junior secondary starting this date



TSC is planning to deploy more teachers to Junior secondary starting this date


TSC requested a budget of 10 billion shillings to facilitate the practice where it would employ 8000 teachers from a budget of 5.3 billion shillings.


TSC is ready to deploy more than 36,000 teachers with high qualification including Degree, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma and Masters.



The Teachers Service Commission has announced to fill 36,341 deployment vacancies for qualified P1 teachers in 2022 before the double transition of learners to secondary schools in 2023.




The above and is judged on the fact that there will be an influx of learners in 2023 as the current standard six pupils will be transferred to junior secondary schools.



The fate of high-qualified P1 teachers, which has been a headache for most teachers, has thus come to the fore now that a new competency-based curriculum is to be introduced at the secondary level.


Debate continues over how to handle the soon-to-be-launched program in secondary schools. The Ministry of Education has worked on the clock to see the structures for the learners to attend the 100 per cent transition.


Teacher mentorship and coaching programs require an estimated 50 billion shillings, while a national biometric enrollment and verification of tutors will be launched at a cost of 342 million shillings.


TSC seeks to facilitate the construction of 600 million shillings for gratuity to 3,358 contract teachers in the North Frontier and additional county office housing estimated at a cost of 183.6 million shillings.


On development expenditure, the allocation was 656 million shillings against an estimated requirement of 1.14 billion shillings. With this capitation, the commission says that the deployment for the new course will go smoothly.



Schools in secondary schools will also be domiciled, according to Professor Fatuma Chege, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Implementation of Curriculum Reforms. Professor Chege said there is confusion as to where grades 7,8 and 9 will be placed next year as well as its management.


The confusion arose after the Education Principal Secretary Jwan said that junior secondary classes would be domiciled in both secondary and primary schools.





1. Become a kenyan citizen


2. Become a P1 Certificate Holder


3. Be a holder of a bachelor’s degree in education with two teaching subjects


4. Must have obtained at least C plus mean grade in KCSE


5. Must be serving under TSC


Interested candidates can visit the TSC Online Portal, Teachersonline.tsc.go.ke.

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  1. I would like to suggest that all administrators in acting capacity be considered for promotion.Previously,those in ASAL areas have been favoured.Motivation should be to all who have accepted the responsibilities but not renumerated.That will be fair.


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