TSC Goes For Teachers Who Attend their Lessons/Classes by Some Minutes Late: Cumulative Minutes Lost Equated to Chronic Absenteeism

TSC Goes For Teachers Who Attend their Lessons/Classes by Some Minutes Late: Cumulative Minutes Lost Equated to Chronic Absenteeism

TSC has finally revised a number of clauses, including the review of teacher absences and their repercussions. Since the Teachers Service Commission put the recently concluded CBA into effect, the current educational system has been praiseworthy.


The effectiveness of learning and teaching in schools has improved significantly, and this can be seen in a variety of ways, including the daily work completion rate for each lesson’s allotted time, the close observation of school activities by relevant ministry of education bodies, and the predictable credibility of the national exams, which have been taking place over the past four years as a result of the strict measures put in place during exam administration.


Each teacher has a right to mandatory knowledge and understanding of what is anticipated in topics pertaining to teachers’ professionalism.


All teachers are constantly reminded to observe the TSC’s code of conduct and professionalism during recruitment.

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Inorder to prevent being subject to misconduct and ensuing no interdiction or termination, teachers are encouraged to take the initiative to get familiar with the TSC’s rules for teaching and learning.


The following clauses in a constitution have been amended by the TSC:




(a) – repercussions associated with unapproved absences from school




(b)- The 14 days that the teacher skipped school in a row were counted starting on the day that they did not physically show up for class and continuing through the 14th day.




Now with the aforementioned conditions, the Tsc recognized that some teachers could miss class to attend to personal matters before returning on the thirteenth day, which would eliminate the counting.




The commission developed and has vowed to use strategies to reduce teacher absenteeism, including the implementation of lesson attendance registers that are constantly updated by class secretaries and include the precise times of each instructor’s arrival and departure.


Important to note as a teacher


N/B From now onwards, it is official that Tsc shall give emphasis to the information recorded by the student in the attendance register, which shows the minutes the teacher loses by arriving late or leaving class early.


Every subcounty director of education should submit and store the information after the deputy headteachers have calculated the previously ignored time.


The above record waits up to the day the accumulated minutes will add up to the 14 day period and then the affected teacher will face full consequences from the TSC’s code of conducts and professionalism

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