TSC allocated sh298B, to effect annual salary increment in July

TSC allocated sh298B, to effect annual salary increment in July



The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will pay its teachers who are on permanent and pensionable terms their annual salary increment in July 2022 after it was allocated the lion’s share of Sh298.37 billion of the Sh3.33 trillion national budget read early this year.

From the allocated funds, Sh289.97 billion will finance teacher resource management, Sh1.16 billion will be spent for governance and standards, and Sh7.24 billion for general administration, planning and support services.

Teachers in all job groups will earn their usual annual salary increment with arrears uninterrupted in July when TSC gets funds for the purpose. The lowest grade teachers, B5, also known as Primary Teacher II, will get at least sh. 900 in increment and will move gradually till they reach their maximum salary point of sh. 27,195 (CBA 2021 – 2025).

“The arrears will be processed by July 2022 when funds become available,” said the Commission.

The Salaries and Renumeration Commisiion had restricted TSC from making any salary changes and limited negotiations for a period of two years starting July 2021 but the Parliament revoked the move. The suspension affected basic salary, allowances and benefits of all civil servants.

The Commission says grades C4, C5, D1, D2, D3 and D4 have not yet attained the maximum salary points provided for in the salary banding. The Commission will pay the teachers their salary increment with arrears from the date they attained the maximum salary point to January 2022.

Basic salary of teachers as captured in last CBA 2021 – 2025.

According to the table above grade C4, C5, D1 and D4 the extended salary scale points are from point three to seven.

While grades D2 and D3 the elongated salary scale points are from point two to seven. The arrears will be paid after July budget.

In the last CBA 2021-2025 no salary component was captured. Effort by teachers unions to revive talks to include salary component have also failed.


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