This is what you’ll get if you have sexual relationship with someone’s wife

This is what you’ll get if you have sexual relationship with someone’s wife

23 year old man was found stuck together with a 45 year old inside a guest room in Kitui. According to the police OB reports that was filed at a police station in a certain unmentioned police station in the area,  the two lover birds were unable to out of the room, something that made the guest attendants to predict so something wrong was going on. One of the workers at the guest house who confirmed the incidence, said the two locked themselves inside and voices of a painful person was heard coming from the room.

She took the step of notifying one of the watchmen who gained entry into the room using the window keeping in mind the room had been locked. He then found the two stuck to each other. After sometimes the police were alerted as they were seen the only people who would solve the puzzle buy unstucking them but that was not possible as people thought. A large crowd had gathered to see the drama but it was not possible as the two had locked themselves in the lodging plus the police officers stopped them.

The husband to the woman after sometimes arrived at the scene but he seemed not shocked with the cinema. He told our source that he had seeked some services of a herbalist by the name Dr Mugwenu and sometimes back and this was just a manifestation. He said Dr Mugwenu had assured him that his testimony would not spread on news websites and feeds as he was tired with his cheating wife. He said they had been in marriage for quite some time but it reached to some point his wife started cheating on him, something he was not ready to condone.

The residents near the area who spoke to our source said that the incidence was a shameful act especially to a married woman of that age. “This is a very bad act especially to a middle aged woman who vowed to be in marriage and loyal to her husband,” one of the irritated women said. The two were unstuck after the man paid a hefty fine which was not disclosed to Dr Mugwenu for the spell reversal.

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