Teachers To Have The Following Promises Fulfilled Before August As TSC & Knut Meet 

All Teachers To Have The Following Long awaited Promise Fulfilled Before August Elections As TSC & Knut Meet 


The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and teachers unions are working to reach an agreement by the end of July by examining the non-monetary Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to create room for compensation increases.


In this week, the teachers union representatives and their employer will meet to speak about standards for professional advancement and potential wage raise deals.


Mr Collins Oyuu, secretary general of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut), announced that the union and TSC will retreat to Naivasha to address a report from the Education Committee and training for teachers’ professional development, among other concerns impacting members.


Among the issues dealt with in the non monetary CBA include:number of maternity days for female teachers was raised from 90 to 120 in the CBA.



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