Teachers Set To Get Salary Increment, new salary scale structure



The government has announced a plan to increase salaries for civil servants in the next 100 days. Public Service, Gender, and Affirmative Action Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa has said that there is a need to review upwards the salaries for public servants to help them deal with the current economic challenges

Aisha Jumwa was speaking when she toured the Huduma Center Headquarters to assess services, Jumwa noted that most public servants are demoralized due to their meager earnings amid the harsh economic times adding that she will initiate talks to have their pay raised.


“Civil servants are a demoralized lot and we don’t want to see them suffering. They are unable to cope with the high cost of living occasioned by runaway inflation. As Kenya Kwanza Government, we want to revamp their morale by increasing their salaries as soon as possible,” said Ms. Jumwa.



“I am a leader and a mother too. I know a majority of public servants are grappling to pay school fees for their children, pay rent and fend for their families. It’s a sad state of affairs but I have come to solve the problem so that they can live a dignified life.”


According to the Cabinet secretary, if public servants are well remunerated, there will be no corruption cases. There are at least 923,000 public servants in the country whose wage bill stands at more than Sh890 billion annually.



The CS also dismissed reports that the service is bloated and promised an upward review of salaries. Accompanied by Principal Secretary Mary Kamonye, the CS also dismissed reports that the service is bloated.


At the same time, the ministry is seeking to improve services at the 52 Huduma Centres across the country in the next 100 days. 18 Huduma Centres including the one at the headquarters will have their working hours extended from 7 am to 7 pm. The initiatives seek to enhance convenience in accessing services.

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