Story of a lady whose three kids died and how she over came

An emotional story of a woman who said she buried three children within three years and now she had lost hope with her remaining two children

It is always a happy thing for a parent to see their child grow under their care and succeed in life. To a woman by the name Eunice 45 years old, this dream of seeing her children succeed in life were to some extent shuttered by the death of her three children. They had been blessed with five children in their marriage with her husband Jackson but things have been really going wrong. She said within three years they had lost their three children through death from unknown circumstances.

She says her husband at some one point told her that maybe witchcraft and family curses was the result of this deaths but she ignored and never doubted that their family would have such things. She says the situation made them move from their home to living in the urban area but that did not change the fact that their two remaining children still got sick throughout this time. She said she really believed in religion and each day she would pray so as their children would have to see their coming days.

After sometimes one of their children got sick and she had lost hope that it was time. They had seen the past experience on how things had been going in the past. Each time they would visit the hospital doctors there would say that their children were ailing from unknown conditions that were not easy to cure. Through their family friend, she learned about a traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu. He had helped other thousands of people from various disturbing issues in the society and their problem was not something new to this herbalist as they were told.

They met Dr Mugwenu with his husband. This herbalist foretold them family curses and witchcraft practices from the family was the reason making their children die. Dr Mugwenu casted spells to break these dark forces. In addition, he assured them that their testimony would not spread on news websites and feeds as they thought before. After sometimes, the two came out to testify how the spells had made their children free from diseases and mysterious conditions that threatened their lives. They said a year had passed and nothing like death had striked their children.

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