Shock as Police Officer Confesses Killing 4 Children

Shock as Police Officer Confesses Killing 4 Children

When my daughter died, I thought it was the end of my life. I had labored so much to find a baby and it had been taken away from me by rogue police officers.

My child was playing on our balcony in the evening when I heard children shouting that she had been shot. I rushed to the scene to find her bleeding and making her last kicks. She died in my hands.

The incident was reported to PLthe police by my family. We were told we would get help but they didn’t.

After waiting for many years without justice, I decided to reach out to Doctor Mugwenu, a famous herbalist for help.

I told Mugwenu I needed justice for my daughter. The famous herbalist promised results within a day.

The next day, we were called to the Police Station, one of the cops had gone mud and confessed to killing my daughter and 3 other girls. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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